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Here are some of the things that fascinate and inspire me.

Communicating an idea through the combination of pictures with words. They each contribute in their different ways to form the complete message, the connection between the two being made by the viewer. This interplay between pictures and words is often used in cartoons and ads, each depending on the other (and the viewer) to complete the thought.

When I was a boy, my Dad had a book of Paul Klee paintings. I was all the more fascinated by his work when I discovered some of their titles. I thought the titles (e.g. ‘Viaducts Break Ranks’) should be on the paintings as their extra dimension could otherwise be missed.

The crossover between fine art and illustration. Many of my favourite artists have been illustrators.

The classic icons created by celebrities and the roles they play – in sport and politics as well as entertainment.

The balance between the natural qualities of a medium and the way it is used to represent a subject. This carries across all media, from watercolour to digital pixels.

The essence of a subject being conveyed in a single image.

Combining traditional painting and drawing with digitally created elements like typography. My art master at grammar school told me that I should never mix media or put lettering on a painting. I'm still rebelling.

The opportunities that technology and the internet provide for developing new forms of art.

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